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Thanks for stopping by. I am Victor Gold-a pastor, writer and a motivator. Unlimited Success Gist was created to Inspire & Empower millions of people all over the world to succeed in life and in their various spheres of influences through motivational Ebooks/short videos, seminars, blogs and collection of various success stories from successful people from various fields who against all odds became successful.

I believe that there are two types of Transformation. The first is Mental Transformation and the second is Physical Transformation. There must be mental transformation before physical transformation. I believe that the first step to transform the life of a person is to first transform the person’s mind( thinking & mentality). Rom 12 : 2b

I believe a transform mind produces a transform person and a transform person produce a transform family and a transform family produce a transform society and a transform society produces a transform nation and a transform nation produces a transform world. Therefore transforming the world is a product of transforming the mind. Unlimited Success Gist is a mind transforming site. Please ensure you read my weekly motivational blog first thing every Monday morning. Click here to read some of my motivational blog

While most of what you find on this site will be articles, short stories and teachings, there will also be updates or announcements of where I am, what I’m doing, and so on.

For visiting this site i have a gift for you. An ebook written by my friend steve that transformed my life drastically. it is worth more than 100k but am giving you absolutely free. I can assure you that you will forever be grateful for reading this ebook


Your story can transform, inspire, empower, heal & save a brokenhearted, frustrated, confused or depressed person. So please feel free to share your personal/other people’s success stories to people all over the world by sending it to this email address admin@unlimitedsuccessgist.com.ng. After reviewing it by the site admin, it will be publish online.




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