To be successful in any area of life, you need to lay hold on the right information concerning that area.

The difference between successful people and mediocre is the quality of information available to them.

Bill gate who was once the richest man in the world becomes the richest man in the world as result of an information he encounters in a magazine titled “populi electronics” right there he caught the vision of computers as an evolving technology and applied the information today he is a multi-billionaire.

Success, like i said in the introduction of this book, is a journey. If you are rightly informed, you will get to where you are going to in life. Information brings transformation and reformation. Many people are missing a lot of fortunes, opportunities and breakthrough today because they lack information. People pay you for what you know that they don’t know, while you pay people for what they know and can do that you don’t know and cannot do. Everybody pay for his or her  ignorance. Information is the bridge from failure to success. Get informed about your economy, get informed about your ministry. Anything you are involved in get the right information about it, only then will success be guaranteed. Don’t forget that the level of your insight is greatly influenced by the level of your information. If you are not informed you cannot perform. The more informed you are the more successful you become provided application remains constant.

I ∞ s                            I = information            S = success I = AS                         A = Application (Constant)

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