Success in life and ministry does not answer to the consumer, it answers in to the contributors.

People like sir Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln. Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Boss Perot, Asa Cadler, Ted turner and a host of other great Elite are all contributor and they all reap the reward.

The world is made up of two categories of people. The seller and the buyer, producer and consumer, leaders and followers, Artists and spectators, Those adding value and those receiving values which category are you? Those in the first category always come out great in life. All the great men and women in the world today were all in the first category. They were all contributors. They added value to humanity and was rewarded greatly for it. Bill gate created software to satisfy human  need and today he is the richest man in the world. Be a contributor rather than merely a collector.

Anywhere you are in life, in your environment, your Church your school your society even in your family, you are there to contribute you are there to add value. We are all here on earth to add value to humanity.

Life is not all about duration but donation. How many lives have you affected positively with the resources God has bestowed upon you? You can bless others with your talent, your wealth, and even your connection. When you die what will you be remember for? Is it merely your age? Just like Methuselah whose age was only mentioned in the bible as a man who lived  969 years. Life rewards contributor not collectors.

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