“Through wisdom a house (a live, business, family ministry) is built but by understanding it is established Prov. 24:3 from the day I read that portion of the bible I started asking God to explain to me what wisdom and understanding really meant but before then I knew that wisdom is the right application of knowledge but I wanted to know more about wisdom and understanding. And one day the holy spirit gave me a simple definition of wisdom and understanding which I will be exposing you to. The scripture above made us to understand that to be successful in any area of your life you need both wisdom and understanding. Permit me to say wisdom and understanding are brothers which cannot be separated. God himself who is the creator of the whole universe said in Pro 3:19 that the earth was created by wisdom and the heaven was established by understanding. What then is wisdom and understanding? Like I said for years I have been trying to know the definition of wisdom and understanding for God’s perspective not from the world perspective or dictionary definition. Until God showed me the simple definition from the book of Job 28:28 according to that portion of the bible, wisdom means the fear of the Lord while understanding means departing from evil. Simple!

Wisdom means to know what God want you to do and do it, while understanding means to know what is evil and depart from it. People keep on committing sin today because they lack wisdom and understanding. Prov. 7:7 end tells us a story of a young man who died a miserable death because he lacks  understanding (please read those bible portion).

A child of God that still commit fornication or adultery lacks understanding. A child of God that tells lies which is very common lacks understanding. Understanding simply means departing from evil.

You can start a thing and it seem as if you are making progress at the beginning and later if fail. It could be because you lack wisdom and understanding. You can’t be establish without  understanding, you cannot be outstanding without understanding and you can’t rule a kingdom without wisdom. Wisdom is the key to stardom in life and ministry.

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