How fast you are driving in life, is not as important as where you are driving to. Motion is not as important as direction of movement.
Where upon o king AgrippaI was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision”Act 26 :19
One day I was mediating on Gods word and the Holy Spirit spoke to me “look at the television in front of you” I did. and He spoke again “look at the pressing iron on the ironing table” I sheepishly did also and finally He said to me “Go get a knife”, I did all that he asked me to do. Then he said “all these three items (the television, the pressing iron and the knife) had different prices, different qualities, different designs and more also created for different purposes”. He asked me, “can this television straighten your clothes for you?” I say no and he told me expressly that though the price of the television is far higher than that of the pressing iron but it can’t do what the pressing iron can do  because it was not design to straighten clothes. And he said to me “pick up the iron and use it to peel an orange”. I said it is not possible.He asked why? And I said because the iron was not design for that, then he told me that a lot of people had left what they were design to do i.e their assignment, and are struggling and trying to do what they were,nt design to do and as a result they keep failing. Every calling is useful and relevant in the Kingdom of God. The day you discover and pursue your purpose in life, you will become an inventor and not an imitator.
Each one of us are design for a specify purpose, we all have our own unique form of greatness. No matter how high or small your calling may look, you are important to God and to the body of Christ here on earth.
To be successful on earth you must discover and pursue your God given vision in life. In songs of Solomon 1:6, Solomon keep on working on other people vineyard rather than his. We all have a vineyard. Discover your vineyard and start working on it. Don’t forget every calling is a high calling with a unique colour to beautify the called. Jesus commanded us in his word “occupy till i come” You have a particular place to occupy i.e. your vineyard, your purpose.

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