Last month i traveled to Benin for an important assignment. On my way coming back to Lagos the Lord began to speak to me from Matthew 5:13. Some of the things He shared with me are what i will be sharing with you today in this blog.

Every born again child of God is a salt. As salt is extracted from water, likewise we have been extracted from the world. Salt is white which signifies purity. As a christian we need to be pure. It is possible to be a salt and not useful to God and your generation . This happens when you loss your taste(savor, flavor)

Taste is synonymous to flavor and savor. The word taste is a particular quality that is typical of something. The taste of a commodity is determine by its composition or what is inside the commodity.

Every commodity has its own unique taste. sugar is sugary, lemon is sour, milk is milky, salty is salt. Likewise the taste of a christian is POWER. It is the saltiness of a salt that makes a salt valuable and a universal commodity. Hardly before you can see any home where salt is not useful. salt make impact because of it saltiness. The only way you can make real impact in the world is possession and expression of POWER 1 cor 4:20. What makes a salt relevant worldwide is its saltiness. in the same vein what makes a christian relevant is POWER. A salt is salty because of the presence of sodium chloride in it and a christian is powerful because of the presence of the Holy spirit in him/her Act 1:8, Act 2:1-4, Act 10:38. When a salt losses it saltiness it becomes good for nothing and when a christian is powerless he/she becomes good for nothing also Matt 5:13, mark 9:50, Luke 14:34-35. Saltiness is a sign of a salt, and POWER is a sign of a christian. Mark 16:17, Matt 10:1.

How can you be in a house and people are being tormented by the devil? How can you be in a community and nobody is feeling your impact? How can you pastor a church for 10 years with only 20 members. How can you be in a community and witches and wizard are dominating the area? How can you claim you are a christian and no difference between you and the unbelievers?. You need POWER. The presence of the Holy spirit in a christian is what makes him powerful and it is POWER that makes you a man of impact to the world. Don’t loss the Holy spirit, Don’t loss Power, Don’t loss your taste.

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