I want to start by asking you the question that God asked Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:11 “what seest thou“. The way you see a problem will determine your action and reaction to it. It will also determine your emotion and feeling. I could remember a story I was once told while growing up of two men who struggled to enter a very big bus popularly known as molue in lagos one early busy morning after waiting for over an hour in a bustop. The first man saw it as problem and started complaining and felt very bitter about the situation and starting insulting and blaming the government for his predicament. But the second man saw it as an opportunity to start a transport business since a lot of people wait so long to get a bus to work because of limited buses on the road. He borrowed money from the bank and started a lucrative transport business and today he is a multimillionaire. One saw a problem the other saw an opportunity. What they saw determined their outcome. We can all experience and look at the same thing but what we see determines our actions and emotion. Many are looking, but few are seeing. Great men see with the eyes of their mind. People feel bad when they focus on negative issues and people feel good when they focus on positive issue of their lives. Almost every country in the world today is experiencing a LOCKDOWN due to the covid 19 virus but a lockdown is not a knockdown. It is only if you see it that way. Many are depressed today because of the lockdown. The reason being that they see it as a problem and focus on the problem. There are 3 ways people see and react to problem. Firstly, some see problem as problem and as a result are depressed and frustrated. Some see a problem as a challenge and they face it with positive attitude while some see it as an opportunity and turn it for their good. Yes, the lockdown has affected our religious gathering, businesses, academic institution, economic,government etc but look behond these and focus on the opportunities this period offers you. You now have time to do those things you have always wanted to do but could,nt because you don’t have time. Write that book now, compose, write and record that song now, read those books your have piled up without reading even a page since you bought them now. Do that 3days personal retreat now, go for that morning cry & personal evangelism now, study your bible and pray earnestly now, play with your spouse and kids now, discover yourselve, skills, and talent now, surf the internet to learn new skill now and a whole lot of other things. I lament when I see people out there both young and old gathering from morning till night discussing about government and politician, joking and playing with their precious time forgetting the fact that a wasted time is a wasted life because time is life. Focus on the opportunities in this lockdown. Again, I ask you ” what seest thou” in this lockdown? A problem or an opportunity? Please, You can visit my online store by clicking on the link below to download any of my motivational and money making Ebooks; https://selar.co/m/UNLIMITEDSUCCESSGIST

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