I want to start by asking you the question that God asked Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:11 “what seest thou“. The way you see a problem will determine your action and reaction to it. It will also determine your emotion and feeling. I could remember a story I was once told while growing up of two men who struggled to enter a very big bus popularly known as molue in lagos one early busy morning after waiting for over an hour in a bustop. The first man saw it as problem and started complaining and felt very bitter about the situation and starting insulting and blaming the government for his predicament. But the second man saw it as an opportunity to start a transport business since a lot of people wait so long to get a bus to work because of limited buses on the road. He borrowed money from the bank and started a lucrative transport business and today he is a multimillionaire. One saw a problem the other saw an opportunity. What they saw determined their outcome. We can all experience and look at the same thing but what we see determines our actions and emotion. Many are looking, but few are seeing. Great men see with the eyes of their mind. People feel bad when they focus on negative issues and people feel good when they focus on positive issue of their lives. Almost every country in the world today is experiencing a LOCKDOWN due to the covid 19 virus but a lockdown is not a knockdown. It is only if you see it that way. Many are depressed today because of the lockdown. The reason being that they see it as a problem and focus on the problem. There are 3 ways people see and react to problem. Firstly, some see problem as problem and as a result are depressed and frustrated. Some see a problem as a challenge and they face it with positive attitude while some see it as an opportunity and turn it for their good. Yes, the lockdown has affected our religious gathering, businesses, academic institution, economic,government etc but look behond these and focus on the opportunities this period offers you. You now have time to do those things you have always wanted to do but could,nt because you don’t have time. Write that book now, compose, write and record that song now, read those books your have piled up without reading even a page since you bought them now. Do that 3days personal retreat now, go for that morning cry & personal evangelism now, study your bible and pray earnestly now, play with your spouse and kids now, discover yourselve, skills, and talent now, surf the internet to learn new skill now and a whole lot of other things. I lament when I see people out there both young and old gathering from morning till night discussing about government and politician, joking and playing with their precious time forgetting the fact that a wasted time is a wasted life because time is life. Focus on the opportunities in this lockdown. Again, I ask you ” what seest thou” in this lockdown? A problem or an opportunity? Please, You can visit my online store by clicking on the link below to download any of my motivational and money making Ebooks; https://selar.co/m/UNLIMITEDSUCCESSGIST


Last month i traveled to Benin for an important assignment. On my way coming back to Lagos the Lord began to speak to me from Matthew 5:13. Some of the things He shared with me are what i will be sharing with you today in this blog.

Every born again child of God is a salt. As salt is extracted from water, likewise we have been extracted from the world. Salt is white which signifies purity. As a christian we need to be pure. It is possible to be a salt and not useful to God and your generation . This happens when you loss your taste(savor, flavor)

Taste is synonymous to flavor and savor. The word taste is a particular quality that is typical of something. The taste of a commodity is determine by its composition or what is inside the commodity.

Every commodity has its own unique taste. sugar is sugary, lemon is sour, milk is milky, salty is salt. Likewise the taste of a christian is POWER. It is the saltiness of a salt that makes a salt valuable and a universal commodity. Hardly before you can see any home where salt is not useful. salt make impact because of it saltiness. The only way you can make real impact in the world is possession and expression of POWER 1 cor 4:20. What makes a salt relevant worldwide is its saltiness. in the same vein what makes a christian relevant is POWER. A salt is salty because of the presence of sodium chloride in it and a christian is powerful because of the presence of the Holy spirit in him/her Act 1:8, Act 2:1-4, Act 10:38. When a salt losses it saltiness it becomes good for nothing and when a christian is powerless he/she becomes good for nothing also Matt 5:13, mark 9:50, Luke 14:34-35. Saltiness is a sign of a salt, and POWER is a sign of a christian. Mark 16:17, Matt 10:1.

How can you be in a house and people are being tormented by the devil? How can you be in a community and nobody is feeling your impact? How can you pastor a church for 10 years with only 20 members. How can you be in a community and witches and wizard are dominating the area? How can you claim you are a christian and no difference between you and the unbelievers?. You need POWER. The presence of the Holy spirit in a christian is what makes him powerful and it is POWER that makes you a man of impact to the world. Don’t loss the Holy spirit, Don’t loss Power, Don’t loss your taste.


It is very important to know that you may choose any profession, you may pursue any career, you may start any business but when it comes to ministry, there must be a call from God. God is always the caller because ministry is His own department. Now every Christian is called to preach the gospel, but there are some who are separated into the MINISTRY of preaching. Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:18-20.

We have five major MINISTERIAL CALLING or MINISTERIAL OFFICES. God calls people into one or some of these; We have the office of an APOSTLE, THE OFFICE OF A PROPHET, THE OFFICE OF AN EVANGELIST, THE OFFICE OF A PASTOR AND THE OFFICE OF A TEACHER. Ephesians 4:11-12. These Offices are to work together for the perfecting of the people of God. They are to complement each other, not to compete or act superior but to complement each other for the sole purpose of advancing the kingdom of God here on earth.

Ministry is not limited to pulpit or church ministering. Not every calling requires a church planting and overseeing. Whether you open a church or pastor under a church it is God that decides. We have people who never opened a church yet, their IMPACT in the world in trans-generational.
So Pulpit ministry is only a form or medium of ministering. There are many forms or mediums.
To make maximum impact in ministry, you must have a CALLING, you must know WHAT MESSAGE that calling is supposed to convey, YOU MUST KNOW WHERE THAT CALLING IS LOCATED AND YOU MUST KNOW THE MEDIUM THROUGH WHICH THAT CALLING IS SUPPOSED TO OPERATE.

Many have the calling but they don’t know the message they are to preach, no minister is called to preach the whole bible, you may talk about the whole bible but there must be ONE PECULIAR MESSAGE THAT YOUR CALLING IS KNOWN FOR. It could be salvation and repentance like BILLY GRAHAM, it may be Healing like BENNY HINN, It could be HOLINESS like Pastor E.A Adeboye, it could be Faith like Bishop David Oyedepo Or the great Apostle of Faith; KENNETH. E. HAGIN..IT COULD EVEN BE RELATIONSHIP AND MARITAL AFFAIRS, PROSPERITY, SPIRITUAL MATURITY…AND MANY MORE…

You can preach about all of these as a minister but they should all end up hanging under the umbrella of ONE GREAT MESSAGE. John the Baptist preached the message on repentance and the multitude located him in the wilderness. Look at Jonah, that preached a very illogical, non-theological message that God gave him, and yet he was the first man that preached that even affected animals. He preached the message and the impact was generated.

There is also a location and there is a people God is sending you to. You are not sent to everyone, you are sent to some people. Paul was sent to the gentiles, no wonder He made maximum impact, Peter was sent to the Jews and generated impact. There are some people that are sent to build up BELIEVERS WHILE others are sent to RESCUE AND DELIVER UNBELIEVERS. Some are sent to children while others have a youth or a single ministry.

Finally as I conclude, Whatever message God has given you is the message He will back, confirm and bless. It is that message that will prosper you. Stay with the message, stay in the location and continue with the medium.
For church ministers, one secret for church growth is to preach the message you are given and the people God has sent you to will be attracted to come to you. Church grows on the message and not on the advert or publicity. Publicity will only make sense when you are focused on the message God has given you.
   There are phases and stages, as you a faithful in one, God opens the next one. So be faithful
A minister must see God as the source of His blessings, financially and other wise. He uses people or systems to bless His servants. So it is wrong to demand money from any of God’s people. Tell them to give as they are able not taxing or fixing a particular amount, but let them give to God cheerfully. As a minister you are in God’s payroll because every minister is working in the vine yard of God. So whether you receive seeds or not, God is committed to take proper care of His ministers. So be faithful and God will pay through whatever form He chooses. Be blessed in Jesus name.


How fast you are driving in life, is not as important as where you are driving to. Motion is not as important as direction of movement.
Where upon o king AgrippaI was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision”Act 26 :19
One day I was mediating on Gods word and the Holy Spirit spoke to me “look at the television in front of you” I did. and He spoke again “look at the pressing iron on the ironing table” I sheepishly did also and finally He said to me “Go get a knife”, I did all that he asked me to do. Then he said “all these three items (the television, the pressing iron and the knife) had different prices, different qualities, different designs and more also created for different purposes”. He asked me, “can this television straighten your clothes for you?” I say no and he told me expressly that though the price of the television is far higher than that of the pressing iron but it can’t do what the pressing iron can do  because it was not design to straighten clothes. And he said to me “pick up the iron and use it to peel an orange”. I said it is not possible.He asked why? And I said because the iron was not design for that, then he told me that a lot of people had left what they were design to do i.e their assignment, and are struggling and trying to do what they were,nt design to do and as a result they keep failing. Every calling is useful and relevant in the Kingdom of God. The day you discover and pursue your purpose in life, you will become an inventor and not an imitator.
Each one of us are design for a specify purpose, we all have our own unique form of greatness. No matter how high or small your calling may look, you are important to God and to the body of Christ here on earth.
To be successful on earth you must discover and pursue your God given vision in life. In songs of Solomon 1:6, Solomon keep on working on other people vineyard rather than his. We all have a vineyard. Discover your vineyard and start working on it. Don’t forget every calling is a high calling with a unique colour to beautify the called. Jesus commanded us in his word “occupy till i come” You have a particular place to occupy i.e. your vineyard, your purpose.


“Through wisdom a house (a live, business, family ministry) is built but by understanding it is established Prov. 24:3 from the day I read that portion of the bible I started asking God to explain to me what wisdom and understanding really meant but before then I knew that wisdom is the right application of knowledge but I wanted to know more about wisdom and understanding. And one day the holy spirit gave me a simple definition of wisdom and understanding which I will be exposing you to. The scripture above made us to understand that to be successful in any area of your life you need both wisdom and understanding. Permit me to say wisdom and understanding are brothers which cannot be separated. God himself who is the creator of the whole universe said in Pro 3:19 that the earth was created by wisdom and the heaven was established by understanding. What then is wisdom and understanding? Like I said for years I have been trying to know the definition of wisdom and understanding for God’s perspective not from the world perspective or dictionary definition. Until God showed me the simple definition from the book of Job 28:28 according to that portion of the bible, wisdom means the fear of the Lord while understanding means departing from evil. Simple!

Wisdom means to know what God want you to do and do it, while understanding means to know what is evil and depart from it. People keep on committing sin today because they lack wisdom and understanding. Prov. 7:7 end tells us a story of a young man who died a miserable death because he lacks  understanding (please read those bible portion).

A child of God that still commit fornication or adultery lacks understanding. A child of God that tells lies which is very common lacks understanding. Understanding simply means departing from evil.

You can start a thing and it seem as if you are making progress at the beginning and later if fail. It could be because you lack wisdom and understanding. You can’t be establish without  understanding, you cannot be outstanding without understanding and you can’t rule a kingdom without wisdom. Wisdom is the key to stardom in life and ministry.


Success in life and ministry does not answer to the consumer, it answers in to the contributors.

People like sir Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln. Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Boss Perot, Asa Cadler, Ted turner and a host of other great Elite are all contributor and they all reap the reward.

The world is made up of two categories of people. The seller and the buyer, producer and consumer, leaders and followers, Artists and spectators, Those adding value and those receiving values which category are you? Those in the first category always come out great in life. All the great men and women in the world today were all in the first category. They were all contributors. They added value to humanity and was rewarded greatly for it. Bill gate created software to satisfy human  need and today he is the richest man in the world. Be a contributor rather than merely a collector.

Anywhere you are in life, in your environment, your Church your school your society even in your family, you are there to contribute you are there to add value. We are all here on earth to add value to humanity.

Life is not all about duration but donation. How many lives have you affected positively with the resources God has bestowed upon you? You can bless others with your talent, your wealth, and even your connection. When you die what will you be remember for? Is it merely your age? Just like Methuselah whose age was only mentioned in the bible as a man who lived  969 years. Life rewards contributor not collectors.


Time is the 21st Century currency. Time is money, you have to judiciously use your time. Time management is life management. Time is life.

“We have time enough if we will use it alright”

Johann Wolf Von Goethe

A man can ask God for more blessing be it spiritual, financial, physical material etc. but you can’t ask God to add hours to the twenty-four hours of the day.

The only resources that the rich, the poor, the middle class, the young, the old, the believers, the unbelievers, the advantage/influential people and the disadvantaged people have equally is times but the only difference is that some use their time rightly while others waste their time. Wastage of time means life wastage.

The bible said in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for everything time to learn, time to mourn, time to dance etc. when you understand time management success become inevitable.

A student who lacks understanding will go to parties when he is suppose to be reading and reading when he is suppose to be in Church or relaxing because he lacks time management. A lot of people sleep when they are suppose to be awake or working. Each passing second is an addition to your age, you are invariable growing old each passing seconds. Time is your age. If you manage your time well you will manage your life well. Time waits for no man.

There are so many activities that occur in a day, to manage your time well, you don’t need to focus on everything, focus on what is important rather than urgent. 


To be successful in any area of life, you need to lay hold on the right information concerning that area.

The difference between successful people and mediocre is the quality of information available to them.

Bill gate who was once the richest man in the world becomes the richest man in the world as result of an information he encounters in a magazine titled “populi electronics” right there he caught the vision of computers as an evolving technology and applied the information today he is a multi-billionaire.

Success, like i said in the introduction of this book, is a journey. If you are rightly informed, you will get to where you are going to in life. Information brings transformation and reformation. Many people are missing a lot of fortunes, opportunities and breakthrough today because they lack information. People pay you for what you know that they don’t know, while you pay people for what they know and can do that you don’t know and cannot do. Everybody pay for his or her  ignorance. Information is the bridge from failure to success. Get informed about your economy, get informed about your ministry. Anything you are involved in get the right information about it, only then will success be guaranteed. Don’t forget that the level of your insight is greatly influenced by the level of your information. If you are not informed you cannot perform. The more informed you are the more successful you become provided application remains constant.

I ∞ s                            I = information            S = success I = AS                         A = Application (Constant)